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I'm going to try firing up the blog again for 2016, especially the nature/landscape side of things. It is in desperate need of a redesign so I will be working on that while shooting for KSTV.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

UK vs. Loyola (MD)

I enjoyed shooting my third game from the Rupp floor for Walter's Wildcat World. If the Greyhounds were the least bit intimidated by the Cats and atmosphere, they didn't show it. They were scrappy and tough, even mixing it up with my boy Eloy at one point. I was heading back to the floor at the end of halftime when the door opened to the Loyola locker room. As the players filed out, I heard one say, "Are we going to do this? Are we doing to do this?" They were strong-willed and had a lot of fire. I could respect that, especially coming into Rupp and playing the third-ranked team in the nation. They only trailed 6 at the half, but the Cats quickly took control and went on to win 87-63.

During halftime, Gov. Steve Beshear joined Kentucky fans in the presentation of a valorous unit award streamer to soldiers of the 201st Engineer Battalion. These brave individuals were credited with disposing of more than 200,000 land mines and IED's in Afghanistan. The ceremony was very moving and the Kentucky fans showed their appreciation by standing and cheering until the last soldier marched off the floor.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Basketball Shoot Take 2: UK vs. Samford

I shot my second UK game on Tuesday when Kentucky played Samford at Rupp. I felt a little more comfortable arriving this time around since I knew where everything was and most of the procedures. Some media outlets have reserved spots to shoot from on the floor. I could go to any of the spots marked open and for this game there were only a couple available in the first row. These spots get snatched up pretty quickly so you have to get there early to mark your territory. I ended up in the back photo row for the first half, but snagged a front row spot for the second with a little guidance and kindness from a fellow photographer. Of course we were on defense on that end by this time, but I was happy to shoot unobstructed. I should say relatively unobstructed because it seems the referees have a love affair with the front of my lens. I am learning positioning is half the battle when under the basket.

Shooting between shoulders and around refs. created more of a challenge this time. In the end we got the shots we needed to go along with the copy and for the gallery on the website and called it a success. It certainly was not my finest hour. Something was just off for most of the game and I could never get into the swing of things while shooting. Fortunately I get a chance to do it all again on Thursday.

This is my first year shooting collegiate basketball. I have primarily shot baseball in the past. Basketball is a whole different animal. Hats off to those who create such high quality images game in and game out. I love this blog post by Scott Kelby about his experience shooting a college basketball game.  I can definitely relate after this game.

Once the game was finished, I headed to the media area where the post-game presser is held. After hearing from the coaches, the locker room was opened up for player interviews.

It was nice sitting with Walter and having the chance to watch how he processes all of the photos and information after the game. It amazes me how quickly the hard working people at UK Athletics gather the stats, quotes and other information and get copies out to all of the media. Everything works like a well-oiled machine and I find it all fascinating. I guess I should chalk this up to my rookie status, because everyone around me seemed to look so bored with it all. ha

You can see some of the shots below in the slideshow.

A huge thank you to DeWayne Peevy and Walter Cornett for the opportunity. It is a dream come true to combine two of my greatest loves and shoot from the floor of Rupp. It has been an  unbelievable learning experience.

I'll more photos from this game soon as well as Thursday's matchup with the Loyola Greyhounds.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

UK Hoops vs. Duke

After a bit of a slow start, the 10th ranked Wildcats rallied in the second half to defeat No. 6 Duke 72-65. The win gives Kentucky its first-ever  back-to-back wins over top ten opponents. Tonight's crowd of 14, 508 set a record as the largest attendance in women's program history!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

UK Hoops Crushes Rival Cards

UK Hoops dominated archrival Louisville on Sunday, much to the delight of the 7,951 exuberant fans in attendance. The total marked the 6th largest crowd in Memorial Coliseum history. 

It was obvious this was a big rivalry game before even entering the building. As I rounded the corner towards the entrance, I saw 5 large buses with Cards fans spilling out in a sea of red. As I hurried past them, I did my traditional good luck touch of the SEC All-Americans wall. Almost on cue as my hand hit Big Cuz, a C-A-R-D-S cheer broke out in the line. Gotta hand it to Louisville's fans, they rolled in deep and loud. To see them chanting though while entering our house was just disrespectful. I couldn't wait to see them running for the buses at the end of the game!

Led by junior A'dia Mathies, the Cats jumped to an early lead and never looked back, beating down the 10th ranked Lady Dirty Birds 74-54. 

Kentucky moved up two spots in the AP Poll to #10 after the win over Louisville. The Cards dropped to #13. The Cats will have little time to rest and celebrate the win, as #6 Duke rolls into town on Thursday. The game will be played at Rupp Arena and tickets are still available.